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Grassfed Beef Steaks

We carry many different types of steak cuts from our pastured cattle, depending on our inventory at any given time.

Grassfed Beef Roasts

You will love any of our tasty roasts!

Ground Beef & Miscellaneous Cuts

This category also includes hearts and livers, tongue, ox tail, soup bones, and other delicious cuts.

Bulk Grassfed Beef Orders

You may purchase beef in bulk - quarters, halves, or whole.

Grassfed Lamb

Tender, juicy, and healthy - grassfed lamb is another great choice for your family’s supper. We carry cuts such as:...

Pastured Turkey

Impress the extended fam with a slow-roasted, pastured turkey this fall. Make sure after they have chowed down on all...

Pastured Chicken

There’s no better way to get a quick and nourishing meal on the table than a whole chicken. You can drop a completely...

Free Range Eggs

These eggs will fuel your day, boiled eggs make a quick snack to just pull out of the fridge, and on those harried...

Raw Grassfed Dairy

Raw milk contains living bacteria. It contains all the enzymes your body needs to digest milk properly, so many...

Organic Sourdough

Sourdough bread is made with live yeast cultures (a "starter"), which is the thing that gives it that well known...


We take some of the wool from our Polypay sheep to the St. Peter Woolen Mill, where they process it for us into wool...

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup is great for boosting your immune system during the winter, when colds and stomach viruses are...

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