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Free Range Duck Eggs

Humble Beginnings Family Farm

1 dozen duck eggs | 1 carton = $7.00 + $0.25 Assembly

Haven’t had duck eggs before? You are missing out! The taste difference between a duck and a chicken egg is like the difference between eating turkey and eating chicken - it’s there, but it’s subtle. Their flavor tends to be more “intense” than a chicken egg because of their diet and lifestyle. They get the same treatment and feed as the chickens, but ducks tend to spend far more time outside, foraging, than chickens do. They will also go outside in almost all weather. If it’s snowing and blowing, the chicken coop door can be wide open but be assured, the chickens will stay inside. The ducks will go out. Duck eggs also have more fat, more protein, and more nutrients than a chicken egg. They are also larger, and taste very creamy.

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