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Whole Raw Milk

This is for one half gallon of whole raw Jersey cow milk. There are 2 options: WITHOUT jar or WITH jar. If you have...


This is for HERDSHARE MEMBERS, under current contract.

Yogurt, Plain, Whole Milk

One quart of plain whole milk yogurt. Our yogurt is left plain so you can sweeten or flavor to your liking. It is a...

Raw Cream

This is for one pint (2 cups, 16 oz) of raw Jersey cow's cream. This has extremely limited availability.


12 ounces of raw grassfed Jersey cow’s milk butter. Hand rolled and frozen.

Free Range Chicken Eggs - Mixed Sizes

TEMPORARILY, the egg cartons will have large, medium, and small eggs. Our hens that hatched this Spring have just...

Free Range Duck Eggs

Haven’t had duck eggs before? You are missing out! The taste difference between a duck and a chicken egg is like the...

Organic Sourdough Bread

This is a 2-pound boule, soured and fermented for 16-24 hours before baking. Made with organic unbleached flour, our...

Natural Wool Dryer Balls

Undyed and unscented 100% wool dryer balls, set of 3, weighing 3-3.5 oz.

Twin Batting

100% undyed, unscented wool, made into twin batting. This will make the warmest quilt you have ever slept under!

Ground Beef

The meat in each ground beef package will come from one animal, unlike a grocery store ground beef package, which can...

Sirloin Steaks

This steak comes from the top hind quarter right beneath and above the Tenderloin. Very lean and flavorful, these...

Lamb Chops

Lamb chops are every bit as delicious as a steak. Best when grilled medium or medium rare!

Bulk Order - DEPOSIT

Placing a bulk order (quarter, half, or whole beef) requires a non-refundable deposit. Final weight will only be...

Pastured Turkeys

Enjoy turkey as you have never had it before! Juicy, tender and flavorful. Pre-order for turkeys that will be ready...

Chicken Feet

Make delicious soup with stock from chicken feet. The rich gelatin of the feet create a rich and nutritious stock....

Livers and hearts

Our favorite use for chicken organs is to fry in butter with onions and bacon, purée with bone broth, and use as a...

Broth Pack

One back, one neck, and 2 feet per package. One package will make 3-4 quarts of broth

Pure Maple Syrup

We tap our maple trees and collect the sap every Spring, and cook it down to beautiful, golden maple syrup.

Tomato Sauce

Deep red, vine ripened, fresh tomatoes - cooked down and canned. Plain and simple. Great for tomato soup, spaghetti...

Diced Tomatoes

Fresh, deep red, vine ripened tomatoes, diced and canned in glass jars with BPA free lids. This product is homemade...

Dill Pickles

Cucumbers and dill from our garden, canned with vinegar and well water and salt. Simple and delicious. This product...

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