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Kindred Crafted Goods

August 13, 2022

You may have noticed some new items on our website. Kindred Crafted Goods is the home bakery business of our customer and friend, Fiona. She's a great baker, and makes her cookies and cupcakes with organic and local ingredients. She delivers here to the farm on Sunday evenings. If you order in advance, you can pick it up here when you pick up milk during the week.

I can pop your cookies in the freezer if you're coming late in the week, or just hold onto them until your pickup day.

The lead time she needs for orders is 1 week, and as she only comes here once a week, you may have to order quite a few days ahead of time. If you go to the Shop page and click on Kindred Crafted Goods on the left hand side, you'll see what she has for sale.

One of my favorite cookbooks is the Nourishing Traditions Children's Cookbook. In the section where the author talks about sugar, she mentions that our bodies need minerals to process sugar. If they don't have the minerals available, they will leach them from your bones and teeth. So if you're eating sugar, you should also be taking in calcium with your sugar. See - there's a reason why milk goes so good with cookies! 


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